Orliford (Orlistat) 120mg

Orliford 120 is an ideal solution to deal with obesity. It has an active component of Orlistat 120mg. The manufacturing of medicine is done for Banford. If a person finds too much difficulty due to their weight gain, the medicine is effective in managing weight-related issues. The medicine performs its functioning by preventing the absorption of fat present in the food. Breaking down the fat present in the body and absorbing the digestive fat helps reduce weight and improve obesity.

The medicine is effective with other related health habits that include physical activity, calorie maintenance as well as daily work schedule. The medicine is effective for a long term treatment significantly of obesity. By improving the body's metabolism the medicine blocks absorption of about one-fourth of the fatty meal.

How to use Orlistat 120mg (Orliford 120mg)

One needs to consume capsules three times a day before meal. Consuming the medicine an hour before a meal helps. One needs to have a balanced diet. As the medicine consumes fats from the body, the vitamins are not absorbed. Follow prescription directions to attain beneficial results. Try not to take inadequate dosage form or avoid missing the dose. If the meal is skipped, one can skip the dose.

Orlistat 120mg (Orliford 120mg) Side effects

Some of the rare side effects with Orlistat 120mg are oily spotting on underwear or clothing, gas with oily spotting, urgent need to have a bowel movement, loose stools, oily or fatty stools, increased number of bowel movements, difficulty controlling bowel movements, pain or discomfort in the bottom rectum, stomach pain, irregular menstrual cycle, headache, anxiety etc. One needs to seek medical attention if side effects of the medicine persist.

Orlistat 120mg (Orliford 120mg) Precautions

One needs to seek proper medical supervision before consuming the medicine. Try not to consume the medicine without consultation if you are suffering from metabolic issues, low thyroid function, digestive disorder or other health factors. Avoid the use of medicine if pregnant.