Guduchi- Tinospora cordifolia

Guduchi(Tinospora Cordifolia) is an Immunomodulator. It improves our Immune System and gives our body a great power of resistance to infections. Also used in dyspepsia and various types of fever.

Benefits of Guduchi

ü  Central nervous system:The whole plant is used in various mental disorders and is regarded as one of the best psychotropic drugs. Guduchi also has a direct Medhya Rasayana effect, which means that it enhances all aspects of mind power, including comprehension (Dhi), memory (Dhriti) and recollection (Smriti).

ü  Digestive system: It is used in dyspepsia, emesis and intestinal worms.

ü  Skin: It is anti leprotic.

ü  Immunity system:The plant is used to improve the immune system and the body's resistance to infections. Guduchi helps increase the effectiveness of white blood cells and builds up the body's immune system. Guduchi is also used as an immunomodulator in immune-suppression of obstructive jaundice, hepatic fibrosis, peritonitis and sepsis.

Shivalik Guduchi contains pure and concentrated Guduchi
Dosage: One capsule twice a day.
Package 60 capsules of 500mg each

Shivalik is the herbal manufacturing unit of RSM group.