Orligal 120 (Orlistat USP 120mg)

Orligal 120 is a medicine that helps one to reduce weight in over-weighted people. It contains an active component of Orlistat USP 120mg. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for Signature. The oral medication works by blocking enzymes in the intestines. More than one-third of the fat gets absorbed by the medicine and the medicine helps remove the fat from the body through a bowel movement. It is a weight-reducing medicine that causes more weight loss with calorie control diet as well as physical activity. It is an effective medicine meant only for an adult individual. 


How to use Orlistat USP 120mg (Orligal 120mg) Capsules

The medicine is not for every individual who wants to reduce weight. Orligal is specifically for ones with higher BMI level or a person who is overweight. The gained weight can get dissolved by reducing diet or reducing calorie. For individuals with a strong desire to reduce weight, medicine helps promote overall health. It helps shed fat and promote weight loss. By speeding up the metabolism and reducing fat, medicine promotes overall improvement. 


Orlistat USP 120mg (Orligal 120mg) Capsules Side Effects

Headache, abdominal pain, oily or loose stool, more frequent visits to the washroom, low blood sugar level, dental disorder are some of the side effects that occur. These health effects are generally mild and mostly affects the digestive system. For better management of health, one needs to promote overall health by avoiding high-fat meal.


Orlistat USP 120mg (Orligal 120mg) Capsules Precautions

Despite safety and tolerance level, one should avoid the use of medicine if sensitive to the active component Orlistat. A person with an eating disorder or having low metabolism should avoid the use of medicine. The medicine is not recommended for individuals with normal weight or underweight. Combining the capsules with other medicines might cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol. It can be really harmful and might affect the quality of life of a person. with the consumption of medicine, BMI level should be regulated regularly.