Swet Musli- Asparagus adscendens

Swet Musli (Asparagus adscendens) in the Ayurvedic literature is celebrated as a Divya Aushad with unparalleled medicinal properties. It is a chief ingredient in the preparation of over a hundred Ayurvedic formulations. Besides its extensive use in Ayurveda and other conventional medicinal systems in Asia, Safed Musli is also gaining increasing acceptance as a vitalizer and health-giving tonic, a curative for pre-natal and post-natal problems, a restorative for immunity-improvement and as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis. Asparagus adscendens is considered as the best natural alternative of Viagra.

Benefits of Swet Musli

ü  It helps with nervousness, pain, restless sleep, disturbing dreams and people with weak emotional and physical heart.

ü  The herb is useful for treating anorexia, insomnia, hyperactive children and people who are under-weight.

ü  Asparagus is considered as a rejuvenating female tonic for overall health and vitality.

ü  The herb is useful in pregnancy for threatened abortion.

ü  The herb is also an extremely nutritious tonic for women from menarche to menopause.

ü  Since it increases the urinary output, it is beneficial in urinary stones and Dysurea.

ü  Asparagus is anabolic to uterus and thus, helpful in uterine in young girls.

ü  It improves uterine growth, mitigates dysmenorrheal and menorrhagia, augments fertility and imparts anabolic properties.

ü  When taken with a cup of saffron milk, asparagus is good for post-menopausal women. .

Shivalik Swet Musli contains pure & concentrated Swet Musli.
Dosage: One capsule twice a day, after meals.
Package size:60 capsules of 500mg each 

Shivalik is the another herbal manufacturing unit of RSM group.