Erex 120 (Sildenafil citrate 120mg) Tablets


Erex 120 is a chiefly well known medicine that works to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. It comes with Sildenafil citrate 120mg to enhance sensual functioning. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Enterprises. Providing proficiency to resolve complex health issue, the medicine promotes ability to attain or sustain a firm erection in men. With comforting effect, it helps enhance lifestyle as well as relationship of a person.

Some facts about Sildenafil citrate 120mg

The active substance of the medicine provides pleasure to a man suffering from ED issues. By resolving mild to moderate sensual health issues, it helps facilitate efficient results in the quality of life. Helping calm muscular tissues linked with the male organ, it promotes sufficient blood flow to the penile providing firm erection. Improving ED troubles, it provides a quick response with the help of sensual stimulation.

How to take the medicine

The recommended tablets are assigned based on the health condition of a person. Based on the bearing capability, one needs to consume a single prescribed dosage once in a day with a glass full of water. One needs to consume the dosage an hour before lovemaking session to enhance sensual functioning. Do not consume an inadequate amount of medicine as it can result in health effects.

Who should not take the medicine?

A person sensitive to the active component needs to prevent use of medicine. A superior response with the medical supervision is required if suffering from threatening health issues such as cardiovascular irregularities or neurological issue. One consuming nitrates needs to avoid use of the medicine.

Cautions before taking the medicine

Erex 120 is a prescription medicine and requires proper medical attention before use. An overdose of the medicine might cause adverse health effects but the medicine is also an ideal way to enhance ED. Devoid any hesitation atleast once with the medicine.

Some side effects of the medicine

Headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal trouble or nasal congestion are some of the health effects. Inappropriate transmission of blood, chest soreness requires instant supervision with the doctor.