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Erectile Dysfunction is a condition wherein the person is unable to urge and hold the erection which is firm and dos not allow the individual to enjoy satisfying intercourse. Its occurrence of being persistent can cause mental trauma to the individual and severely affect self-confidence. ED can imply complete, inconsistent or unsustainable erections.

Since erection depends upon the functioning of varied aspects and systems like the brain, secretion of hormones, emotions than on, improper functioning of one or more of those can cause ED.

A number of the factors causing ED are:

Psychological effects: Anxiety or stress can cause improper triggering from the brain for initiating an erection. Factors like fear of intercourse for the primary time, strained relations, stress, fear of pregnancy, or lack of communication can cause ED.

Medical problems: Erectile difficulty is caused by a medical disorder are often a sign of some serious ill-health. Some factors are fatigue, disease of the guts, diabetes, excess weight, low testosterone level, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, connective tissue formation within the penile, metabolic syndrome, certain medications, surgery in the pelvic region, prostate disorders, and excessive smoking or drinking.

Treatment Options

Treatment for erectile difficulty would depend upon the cause and therefore the severity of the case. If the cause is psychological, counselling would be required to revive normal intercourse life. Many individuals could also be recommended medications like Sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil medicines for treating underlying problems like heart ailments, high blood pressure then or mechanical aids like constriction ring, penile pump, inflatable or semi-rigid penile prosthesis. Implants or surgery are advised when all other treatments fail since these are expensive.

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