Sensual Difficulties Affecting an Individual's Lifestyle – ED

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as impotence, affects many men. Sometimes the matter may be a temporary one. Other times, it's an ongoing issue. The incidence of ED is fourfold higher in men over the age of 60 than in men in their 40s. Here, one will learn why ED happens and the way it are often helped.

There are many causes including medications, health problems, lifestyle and low testosterone levels. Psychological factors can also be involved, like performance anxiety, making the condition one that's sometimes self-perpetuating. Medications which will cause ED include anti-depressants but recent research indicates that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also can be a cause. A variety of health problems are linked to ED. Some are not surprising.

Others are surprising, because the link is not clear. Health problems linked to male sensual health difficulty include heart condition, vascular disease and gum disease. Heart and vascular diseases are not surprising because the blood vessels must be healthy so as to realize and maintain an erection. The link between gum disease and ED is established but the rationale for the connection is unknown.

Lifestyle factors which will cause or contribute to ED include cigarette smoking because it causes narrowing of the blood vessels. Nicotine can also lower testosterone levels and adequate testosterone is required to realize and maintain an erection.

Treatment for prostatic disorder is another explanation for ED. It is the second commonest cancer within the world. With its leading explanation for cancer death in men, over millions of men dies from the problem every year.

Enlarged prostate or BPH can contribute to ED because it causes pain during or after climax. It is even more common than health factors. It affects nearly half of men by the age of fifty and more than half of men by the age of 80.

How ED is often treated? 

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