Resolving Sufficient Outcomes by Resolving Sensual Health

Sensual dysfunction in men increases with time but can occur at any age. Desire, or libido, might not change in parallel with erections. Problems can occur with hormones, blood flow to the penile, nerves that control erections and ejaculation, prostate disease, illness affecting other parts of the body, and psychological disorders. Years ago sensual problems in men were thought to be mostly psychological, but we now know that the majority of problems have a physical basis.

Erectile dysfunction is referred to as the inability in men to attain or sustain a firm erection in men during a lovemaking session. The problem leads to regular inability that leads to a lack of sensual desire and energy level. On the other hand, premature ejaculation leads to a lack of ability to control ejaculation. It leads to erectile health issues.

The most common cause for impaired erections is decreased blood flow to the penile region with equivalent risk factors as heart attacks and strokes, other illnesses caused by decreased blood flow. Diabetes, hypertension, elevated lipids and smoking all contribute to difficulty with erections and increase the danger of attack and stroke. Control of those risk factors will improve erections and reduce the prospect of attack and stroke.

Diabetes damages nerves, causing neuropathy, and this will also impair erections. Other causes of neuropathy like alcohol, degenerative nervous disorder, toxins, and malignancy also can worsen erections. In these conditions the testosterone level is normal and desire may remain good although erections are not full. Testosterone supplementation would not be helpful.

Low testosterone can worsen erections and also lessen desire. It is often primary, caused by testicular damage from trauma, surgery, or autoimmune processes, or secondary, resulting from lack of signals from the pituitary, the master gland. Other hormones like steroids can interfere with testosterone. Treatment with supplemental testosterone, or medication to extend the function of dormant testicles, can improve desire and erections in these circumstances.

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