Promoting Pleasurable Sensual Life with Sildigra Super Power

Erectile Dysfunction happens to most men occasionally and for a spread of reasons. If it is just a couple of times then it should not be worried upon but if it is frequent or enough to bring worries and stress then one needs to seem into just what is causing it.

It is interesting to notice that the majority men and even doctors believe that the majority of ED causes stem from the psychological aspects or lifestyle aspects of a man's life. But it is also interesting to notice that more than half of men that do attend their doctor with ED problems find themselves being diagnosed with diabetes.

On the other hand, knowing the way to control early ejaculation could lead on to having a much more pleasurable sensual life now and through the future. Almost every man with some point checkmated too early performs penetration, or just very quickly into the act of intercourse. However, for some, it will be simply an one-off issue, for several others it is the most consistent problem.

Most of men with sensual problems have a physical reason for having them. So in having a drag with ED or PE, that is causing concern a minimum of attend doctor to urge the physical reasons out of the way.

Now onto the causes of male sensual health, there are several groupings such as mental or psychological, physical, hormonal, vascular, neural, medication and lifestyle.

Mental or psychological causes include:

Performance Anxiety

Relationship Problems


Religious Conflict

Mental Illness

Low self-worth 

Low self-worth 

Post traumatic stress disorder

Mental fatigue

Psychological abuse or trauma

Problems with sensual identity

Physical causes include:

Being a diabetic may be a major cause

Diseases of heart

Having blood pressure that is out of control

Cholesterol problems and an excessive amount of fat in arteries

Circulatory problems

Some surgeries of the abdomen, prostate disease and spinal disease

Genitourinary problems of the kidney and therefore the liver

Hyper or hypothyroid problems

Hormone issues

Peyronie's Disease

Injuries that are caused by falling on sensual parts, or repeated bumping as in trail bike ride, riding a horse or doing gymnastics


Vascular causes include:



Cholesterol too high

High vital sign 






Multiple Sclerosis


Medications causes include:

Sleeping pills

Blood pressure


Lifestyle causes include:

If you smoke cigars, cigarettes or a pipe

Drinking alcohol

Taking any quite illegal drug or substance

Carrying an excessive amount of weight 

Not doing any exercising

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