Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle for Improved Sensual Functioning

Of the standard symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotency, the essential one is the failure of a person to possess a penile erection and therefore the inability to sustain it with sufficient stiffness to finish sensual activity. Symptoms of ED include ejaculation also. There is a sequence of events that enable a penile to achieve an erection. There are two cylinders like tissues within the penile. When brain emits signals of arousal, extra blood rush to those tissues and therefore the penile gets erected due to this blood flow. The steadiness and maintenance of erection depends on an uninterrupted blood flow to the penile tissues. Blood flow is reduced automatically after the ejaculation and therefore the penile returns to its normal state.


The process of erection depends on physical and mental well being. Peace of mind is important for having sensual activity because desire starts from brain and therefore the brain commands the sensual process. Anxiety, depression, and discontent with the partners are the killers of concupiscence. Physical factors include high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, cardiovascular issues, kidney problems, diseases, arterial disease, in physical body. Whatever be the rationale the comforting thing is that male impotency is definitely and permanently treatable. A rare occurrence of erection problem cannot be included within the symptoms for erectile dysfunctions but if the matter persists for an extended period then the difficulty is of concern.

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Treating symptoms of ED varies from person to person and depends upon the underlying reasons. Psychological issues can treated with psychological therapies and sometimes mental relaxant tablets can help. But in any case expert advice is important. To treat the physical issues, medications like Kamagra 100mg tablets are in common use but better than that herbal medicine has proved its worth being a permanent treatment for sensual disorders. It comes with Sildenafil citrate 100mg to help promote satisfying lovemaking activity at low cost. One can buy Sildenafil citrate 100mg tablets online as to promote healthy relationships without any disadvantage thereby promoting quality lifestyle.