Increase Male Libido and Sensual Performance for Better Results

Erectile Dysfunction is a sad and miserable reality for an adult individual. It is fundamental to notice that ED may result from problems that are physical and also psychological. Therefore, if a person is not having a drag in one category, he must check out the opposite so he can have a transparent understanding of what is causing his erectile disorder.

Physical Causes

Many problems that are physical in nature are associated with ED. These include low testosterone, heart condition, clogged blood vessels, tobacco use, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, paralysis agitans, treatments for enlarged prostate, MS, surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal, alcoholism and other sorts of drug abuse etc.

Psychological Causes

There are four specific psychological causes of ED. These include fatigue, depression, anxiety or other psychological state conditions, stress, and relationship problems with one's sensual partner or family.

Does ED actually prevent an erection

When there is a scarcity of blood flow to the penile, a person cannot get an erection because the penile cannot get thick and hard which is required to penetrate the vagina during sensual intercourse. Older men are more likely to suffer from ED then younger men. It should be noted that injuries, diseases, and side effect of medicine can contribute to the matter. Therefore, the age of a person is not the only cause. It is often other factors alongside age.

Relationship problems with a partner

It should be noted that despite the standard of the medication a doctor subscribes for a person that suffers from ED, the standard of the connection between the person and his partner are going to be a key think about how well the treatment works. This factor is additionally vital in him to revive his sensual life to a level of fulfillment. 

Treatment of Sensual Problems

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