Ideal Solution to Promote Sensual Functioning - ED

Erectile dysfunction or impotency is usually referred to as a quite common male health issue. Most of the people do not know the widespread of this male sensual health is due to the reluctance of individuals who are affected by it to speak about their embarrassing condition.

It is thought that the majority of men have experience with ED at a while in their life which as many as more than half of men in developed countries will develop some sort of impotency over the age of 40. This is often only an estimate as the figure might be much higher if more men are willing to speak about it or to hunt medical treatment.

ED is often broadly classified into three categories:

  • The complete inability to realize an erection
  • Inconsistent erection
  • The ability to only sustain temporary or brief erections

It is known that there are m any underlying health condition is that leads to ED in men. Some of them are:

Vascular diseases: It affects the blood vessels of an individual. These diseases include atherosclerosis, heart diseases, low or high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. As a matter of fact, vascular diseases are thought to account for about more than half of ED individuals as the disease restrict blood flow to the male reproductive organ, the brain and in fact, the stomach.

Neurological diseases: The nervous system plays a really important role in getting and maintaining an erection and it is quite common for men affected by Alzheimer's disease, stroke, paralysis and spinal damages to also suffer from ED. Doctors say that this is often due to the interruption of the transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and therefore the penile.

Hormonal imbalances: The hormones level and testosterone can affect responses to sensual stimulation. These hormonal imbalances are often caused by tumors within the pituitary, kidney diseases, liver diseases, or hormonal treatment for prostatic issues. Although, it doesn't cause ED intrinsically, it is the treatment of the cancer like radiation, hormonal therapies or surgery which will cause ED problems.

Diabetes: This disease can cause nerve and arterial damage which successively causes erectile difficulty. Diabetic individuals doubles the danger of getting ED problems.

Kidney diseases: It may cause chemical changes to occur within the body that affect the hormones, blood circulation and nerve functions. These changes do often cause individuals to lose interest in intercourse or affecting their sensual abilities. Medicines cannot treat kidney diseases can also be a culprit.

Medication Treatment

The problem gets treated with the help of oral medication, commonly known as penis enlargement cream. With an enhancement in sensual tendency, penis enlargement cream online help promote satisfying lovemaking activity. By enhancing sensual tendency, the oral medication works to promote potency to attain or maintain satisfying lovemaking activity. The oral medication comes with herbal components ready to enhance sensual functioning in men.