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Erectile dysfunction (ED), also referred to as impotence, refers to a man’s inability to attain or sustain an erection for intercourse. It can affect men of any age, although it is more prevalent in adult men. This suggests half of the percentage of men in their fifties, and 60% of men in their sixties suffer from ED.

Causes of ED are:  Some common causes of ED which help assist to know it better and equip to counter the matter adequately are:

Alcohol :  Drinking alcohol could seem just like the perfect due to get within the mood for intercourse, because it can assist a person lose inhibitions and relax. However, an excessive amount of alcohol impairs ability to realize an erection by reducing blood flow to the penile. This leads to where the penile goes soft although, one would like to possess intercourse.

Medical Conditions : Health conditions that affect the nerves, muscles, or blood flow structure the foremost common causes of ED. A disease like diabetes damages the nerves leading to peripheral neuropathy, while prostate cancer may damage both the nerves and erectile tissues.

Smoking : Smoking is understood to cause a number of problems, and ED is one among them. Smoking and usually tobacco use contributes to vascular diseases like hardening of the arteries. This impairs blood flow to the penile, making it difficult to realize or maintain an erection.

Low Testosterone : Testosterone levels in men tend to decrease at a fast rate of age at adulthood. Low testosterone is understood to cause baldness, insomnia, low libido, and ED.

Relationship Problems : ED could also be evidence of a problematic relationship together with the partner. The strain between both the partners with lack of communication and intimacy may all trigger ED by reducing concupiscence and performance.

Psychological Issues : Sometimes, ED has nothing to do together with sensual organs or physical health, because it could all be in the head. Performance anxiety, depression, and stress all contribute to ED as the brain struggles to release the hormones liable for erection.

Medication :Just like health issues, certain medications are liable for most cases of ED. This is often because erection problems are usually a part of the side effects. A number of the common drugs that end in ED include high vital sign medications, cancer treatments, antidepressants, antihistamines, and medicines might not lower cholesterol.

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