An Advancement in Enhancing Sensual Potency in Adult Individual

Erectile dysfunction is sort of common problem and it affects nearly one out of each five men over the age of 20. Erection problems can affect the sensual health in the lifetime of a person during a big way. The very term ED carries an uneasy feeling about it as it immediately sets an individual aside from men who are potent. If diagnosed with ED, the love life can disintegrate unless an individual is doing something about it. 

Causes of ED in men

In broad terms, ED is due to either physical or psychological factors. In older men, the causes are nearly always physical. The foremost common physical causes are nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the penile region. However, there could also be many factors underlying these two causes. Reduced blood flow is implication of poor circulation and blocked arteries, and is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Disorder and diabetes are two of the most causes of ED in older men. Nerve damage is typically the results of trauma to the pelvic region, and sometimes this is often the result of surgery to the colon, prostate or bladder. There also are many prescribed drugs that are known to cause ED, also as some over the counter medications.

ED in young men

In younger men, ED is more likely to be caused by psychological factors. The possible causes of psychologically based ED include stress, exhaustion, depression, relationship issues, guilt, low self-esteem and performance anxiety. And one episode of performance failure may induce psychological stress that successively compounds the matter.

Treatment of ED in young men

Psychological ED: The excellent news is that if ED is psychologically based, then the matter are often overcome through counseling. Qualified therapists can work with couples, or individuals, to enhance communication, reduce tension, and to line realistic expectations. Other ways to combat psychological causes like stress, anxiety and depression are simply to urge many rest and many of exercise. 

Physiological ED: Where the cause is physiological, then the primary step would be to consult a doctor or urologist. Various tests are often performed such as cholesterol, hormone levels, blood glucose , liver and kidney function to point whether any conditions are interfering with normal erectile function.

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