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In a process as complex as penile erections, problems can occur for several reasons. Fairly often an erectile problem will have quite one cause. The causes could also be physical, psychological (psychogenic ED), or a mixture of both. Distinguishing between physical and psychological causes is useful, because treatments may differ counting on the cause.

Physical ED Issues

The most common explanation for ED is vascular or blood vessel disease. Vascular diseases may cause problems with blood flow into the penile to form it erect, or problems with trapping of blood within the male genital organ to take care of the erection. The buildup of plaque within the walls of arteries is the explanation for approximately less than half of male ED in men older than 50. Among the foremost commonly recognized conditions related to atherosclerosis are high blood pressure, lipid problems such as cholesterol; diabetes, and cigarette smoking.

Diseases that affect the nervous system, like MS, paralysis, and Alzheimer's disease also can cause ED. Some diseases related to ED affect both the vascular and nervous systems. Diabetes is an example. In individuals with diabetes, regardless of type, the prevalence of ED is approximately half of men with the prevalence hooked in to individual’s age, duration of diabetes and severity of the diabetes.

Endocrine disorders, like low testosterone and thyroid problems, could also relate to ED. These disorders also can affect concupiscence and cause various other symptoms.

ED may result from pelvic fractures or crush injuries experienced in an automobile, motorcycle, or other accident. The accident victim could also be left with injured nerves and penile arteries that cannot supply enough blood to the male genital organ to supply an erection. Spinal injuries that destroy nerve fibers are another explanation for erectile difficulty. Some sort of surgery and radiotherapy, like those for treating prostate, bladder or rectal cancer, also carry a risk of ED issues.

Other chronic disease states related to a high prevalence of ED include chronic renal failure, liver failure, apnea, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The effects of aging on erectile function have also been studied. Although the speed of ED within the male population increases with age, aging itself does not appear to be the cause. It appears that disease processes like vascular diseases and diabetes, which can develop as a person ages, are the explanation for ED with aging. There could also be contributing effects, as well, from years of smoking or alcoholic abuse.

Many medications, including certain blood pressure pills, cold medications, hormones, antidepressants, tranquilizers, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, and cocaine, are related to ED.

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