Accelerating Sensual Performance in Men with Kamini Oral Jelly

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the lack of power, especially lack of sensual power in man. This means there is a consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection in order to have intercourse. There are different causes of ED. A functional cause is due to something being wrong with the central nervous system. An organic cause can be due to some anatomical defect in the sensual organs. There are also many other factors that can impact the male's general health that can cause sensual disorder.

Here are some of those factors:

·        Medications particularly for high blood pressure, sedatives, ulcer drugs, antihistamines, and drugs for depressive states

·        Diabetes mellitus is an extremely important factor and can often cause ED

·        The use of alcohol and drugs are extremely important, and alcoholics and drug abusers are likely to be impotent

·        Diseases that affect the central nervous system as in stroke, multiple sclerosis, syphilis, or spinal cord injuries

·        Glandular diseases affect sensual glands, adrenal, thyroid or pituitary glands

·        Surgery of the back, genitals, cardiovascular or prostate

·        Smoking can also be a factor leading to hardening of the arteries that can affect the blood circulation to the penile

·        Toxic chemicals can be another cause, and workers who are exposed to these chemicals over an extended period are at risk.

·        Psychological problems as differences in either sensual partner can induce a stressful relationship that causes anxiety, which in turn causes depression that further heightens the anxiety.

When in this state of ED, achieving and maintaining an erection during intercourse becomes almost impossible. Any depressive state in the male for any reason causing a state of anxiety, may possibly be due to low blood sugar level. This differs from the diabetic where the increase of sugar affects the blood circulation to the penile. Controlling the blood sugar is a key factor in the control of anxiety. The diet becomes one of the chief culprits in the above scenario. Overeating simple carbohydrates can result in obesity and diabetes mellitus, which may and most probably result in ED.

ED is not due to the aging process. It can also affect the much younger male at different times during their adulthood. During this time the erection may be less than firm. Or, the erection may be firm at the beginning and then becomes flaccid during intercourse so that the act cannot be completed.

Kamini Oral Jelly

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