A Complete Guide to Approach ED Solution at Low Cost

When there is a drag in getting or maintaining a firm erection, which is important to possess sensual activity, it is erectile dysfunction. It is not uncommon in men. There are often problems between male and feminine partners due to this issue. One can get proper treatment from intercourse when suffering from male problems and be happy. The partner can also get complete satisfaction from this and this may strengthen the relationship together with her.


·        Trouble to urge an erection

·        Trouble to take care of an erection

·        Reduced concupiscence


There is the involvement of varied things within the total process of male arousal. If there is any problem regarding any of those, it can cause ED. There are often physical and psychological causes of this problem.

Physical causes

·        Clogged blood vessels

·        Heart disease

·        Diabetes

·        High blood pressure

·        Obesity

·        Metabolic syndrome

·        Multiple sclerosis

·        Parkinson’s disease

·        Consumption of alcohol

·        Sleep disorders

·        Treatments for prostatic adenocarcinoma

·        Enlarged prostate

·        Injuries or surgeries affecting the spinal or pelvic area

·        Low testosterone

Psychological causes

There is a key role of the brain in triggering the series of events that cause an erection. It starts with sensual excitement. There is often an interference of several things with sensual feelings. This might cause or worsen sensual dysfunction.

These include:

·        Stress

·        Anxiety

·        Depression

·        Relationship problems

Risk factors

·        Many factors can increase the danger of ED

·        Medical conditions

·        Use of tobacco, which restricts blood flow to veins and arteries

·        Obesity

·        Some medical treatments

·        Injuries

·        Psychological conditions

·        Medications

·        Use of alcohol and medicines

·        Complications

·        Stress or anxiety

·        An unsatisfactory love life

·        Low self-esteem or embarrassment

·        Problems in relationship

·        Inability to urge partner pregnant


These include oral and other medicines. One may suggest some exercises that are helpful to enhance the condition. Sometimes, psychological counselling could also be essential if stress, depression or anxiety is behind ED.

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