Understanding the Underlying Causes to Manage Sensual Health

The first obstacle in treating Erectile Dysfunction is to find out the cause of the problem. As it is, erectile problems can be caused by factors ranging from physical to psychological. While the process of not getting an erection involves only physical factors, events leading to it can be triggered by reasons which may be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. As far as ED treatment is concerned, one can also have early ejaculation problem leading the way. But the kind of treatment one will receive depends on what type of ED or PE one is suffering from.

There are 5 common types:

·        Diabetic

·        Venogenic

·        Psychogenic

·        Neurogenic

·        Hormonal

Diabetic: It is estimated that about half the male population suffering from erectile problems are diabetics. ED and diabetes are closely linked with each other, which is why special care must be taken to treat erectile problems in diabetic patients.

Venogenic: If the penile veins cannot keep the blood trapped inside the penile, one will not get the hardness one needs to penetrate. This is what happens in venogenic ED. The veins drip away blood, resulting in lack of rigidity in the penile.

Psychogenic: Mind takes over the matter in the event of this kind of erectile disorder. An unforgettable sensual experience in the childhood, performance anxiety or lack of self confidence can lead to psychological obstacles which may weigh heavier on the penis, pulling it toward the ground and keeping it that way.

Neurogenic Issue: Injuries to the peripheral nervous system can snap the cycle of processes that lead to an erection. The nerves that carry the signals from the brain to the penile are very delicate and any damage to them can cause erectile problems.

Hormonal Imbalance: Testosterone and oestrogen are the two hormones that govern sensual activities. Any imbalance in the volume of these hormones can cause erectile problems.

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