Maintaining Sensual Health Properly to Improve ED

A man and his male organ share a hollowed relationship. This relationship is like all other, has its quite literal ups and downs. Nearly 15 percent of men are victims of severe erectile dysfunction (ED) in their older age. While that number might not seem prime it does not consider the higher percentage of men who experience a variety of ED. A chance of mild or moderate ED in men goes up by every decade of life once an individual hits older age. For instance, half the male population in their older age can expect to possess ED issues. 

ED root is often a number of things from physical ailments to psychological state. Five of the foremost common medical issues which affect the magic from happening within the bedroom are:

Heart Disease

As erections are made with blood flow, it is no wonder heart health and sensual health is closely connected. Conditions like heart condition, high blood pressure, and congestive coronary failure can all be likely culprits when diagnosing ED. These diseases cause narrowing of the arteries which prevents strong blood flow to decrease leading to health issues.


Obesity is not only an explanation for ED, it also can contribute to all or any the opposite conditions on this list. Medically, it can cause diabetes, heart condition, sleep apnea, and a string of other diseases. It also can affect a person psychologically because he may lack body confidence or feel self-conscious about this body. This will cause depression and anxiety. Obesity has also been linked to lower levels of the hormone, testosterone, which drives erections and libido. So as testosterone diminishes, so does the will and skill to possess relations.


Men with diabetes have a fourfold greater chance of getting ED and it often begins approx 15 years before the typical case. Diabetes not only affects the blood vessels which stimulate erection but also the nerves which maintain it.

Sleep Issues

Lack of sleep is often hard on the brain and heart, but that is not all. More men that have sleep disorders also contribute to sensual dysfunction. Men with more severe ED have a better risk for apnea. With treatment it can include lifestyle changes and sleep apparatus sort of a CPAP machine or an oral appliance sort of a MAD.

Mental Health

Last, but never least, psychological state also has links to ED. Depression itself can cause a scarcity of interest and energy for intercourse. However, many medications wont to treat depression also cite ED as a possible side effect. Additionally to other sorts of therapy, sometimes just asking the prescribing doctor for a prescription that does not have an ED history could also be a simple fix.

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