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Erectile dysfunction is a chronic problem that impacts thousands of men nationwide. It is commonplace to sometimes struggle to take care of an erection. However, if it becomes a uniform occurrence, medical attention could also be necessary. ED becomes a priority if a person is unable to urge an erection half of the time. Advances in technology have made it possible to treat the conditions that end in ED. Such disorders might also include the problem of early or premature ejaculation. It is a situation where a person is unable to control ejaculation during a lovemaking session.

Insufficient testosterone levels within the body can cause hypogonadism, which ends up when the testes decrease hormone production. Symptoms of ED and PE include low libido, fatigue, and low testosterone count. Underlying conditions like poor penile blood flow, plaque build-up, and penile connective tissue are more likely to contribute to a man’s difficulty in maintaining or sustaining an erection for satisfying outcomes.

There are many possible causes of sensual dysfunction. The dysfunction can be physical, psychological, or a mixture of both.

Some contributing factors of dysfunction include:

·        Stress and anxiety

·        Hormonal imbalance

·        Diabetes

·        High cholesterol

·        Obesity

·        Excessive smoking

·        Excessive drinking

·        High vital sign

·        Heart disease

·        Metabolic syndrome

Only a medical professional can diagnose ED or PE and administer a course of treatment. When a person is experiencing difficulties in sensual performance, a doctor will first conduct a physical exam to see for penile abnormalities like a change in shape, connective tissue, or lumps beneath the skin which can provide more information regarding sensual function.

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