Increase Women Libido and Sensual Response Rate 

An active sensual life is important for the purpose of a good loving relationship with one’s spouse. Patients want to talk about sensual dysfunction problems with physicians. They hesitate to discuss sensual problems with anyone. It may cause the illness to get worse.

Understanding the causes

Female impotence is the failure of the female to have an interest in sensual interaction. It is a serious problem in the world, and unfortunately often goes untreated. Millions of women each year suffer from this illness.   It is necessary to address the issue. It would be a good idea to find out what exactly is causing the problem.

Various causes:

  • depression,

  • stress,

  • pregnancy

 Various symptoms related to the disease

Many women have issues with sensual desire which can occur mentally and physically. One can lead to the other. A physical issue can affect you mentally. If this is the case you may be suffering from female sensual dysfunction. It is quite common. Many women will experience these types of problems in their lives. There are many causes of female impotence with many are treatable.

Numerous symptoms of this illness include:

  • Failure to get sensual arousal,

  • Loss of interest in sensual interaction,

  • Lack of sensual desire,

  • Very low or nonexistence of libido.

Treatment for Female Sensual Dysfunction?

Ladygra 50mg for women from rsmenterprises is an oral treatment for females' sensual problems. Sildenafil citrate 50 mg is the main constituent of the medication. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that allows them to take enjoyment of sensual acts. Sildenafil citrate is reliable to offer help for this illness.

Benefits of this medication ladygra 50mg for women

  • Increases blood flow to the vaginal area

  • It helps with these physical barriers and releases your mental issues.

  • Heightens sensual response

  • Help maintain arousal and

  • Lead to an increased chance of achieving orgasm.

  • Prevents infection in the vagina

  • Hurries up stimulation to reach orgasm

  • Assures additional enjoyment and pleasure