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The problem of erectile dysfunction leads to difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient enough for erectile dysfunction. Most men, around the world, suffer once in a while from the problem of sensual difficulty. The good news is that the chronic condition is treatable and there are numerous opportunities to resolve the condition. 

More than millions of men in the US alone suffer from the problem of erectile difficulty. It is easily treatable with some options that include injections, vacuum pumps, surgery and also prescription medicines like Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and also male enlargement pills. The problem of ED is mostly self-diagnosed. Most of the men hesitate to take proper medical treatment for the condition. The best treatment option for the condition lies in the state a person is suffering from. 

Some of the causes of the problem include:

·        Diabetes

·        Heart condition or cardiovascular issues

·        Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcoholic consumption, lack of exercise

·        Stress

·        Anxiety

·        Depression

·        Excess weight gain

·        Low testosterone level

·        Stroke

·        Penile injury

·        Medication side effects

There is a variety of contributing factors or symptoms to manage the problem of ED in individuals. With a specific health condition, one needs to discuss the risks and benefits associated with the condition to promote treatment. The best thing to treat ED is to get oral medication treatment. 

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