Improving Quality of Life by Reversing Sensual Health Snag

As women grow old, they have a tendency to lose their interest in sensual intercourse lading to female sensual dysfunction. This might be highly displeasing to their partners and may cause relationship problems over time. It is not just age which will deplete desire to possess intercourse. Tons of other issues can plummet libido and these include:

  • stress
  • fatigue
  • poor ego
  • relationship issues, 
  • marital discord
  • child birth and pregnancy
  • side effects of medications like contraception pills, antidepressants etc.

Apart from this, one among the main causes of low libido in women can be a hormonal shift within the body, post menopause. This is often a phase when women experience a drop by the assembly of their sensual hormones including estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

Reduced secretion of estrogen not only results in lack of interest in lovemaking but also can cause other problems like dryness underneath. Falling estrogen level makes reproductive organ walls thin and dry that creates penetration difficult and may also end in bleeding during intercourse. This can make any women avoid having intercourse.

Other issues that women face due to a drop by their estrogen levels include hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle etc.

Some common causes of low libido in women:

Relationship problems: It can be a common reason behind plummeting libido in women. Once an individual is worried about an extra-marital affair of the partner or have a significant issue of confusion with him on various issues, intercourse is probably going to be the last item on mind. 

Stress and depression: Stress may be a major issue with both women and men. It can affect libido adversely. Tons of women experience a drop by their drive due to depression too. 

Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes in time of life also can affect sensual drive negatively. Production of estrogen and other hormones like testosterone declines during menopause. It plays an important role in maintaining sensual appetite and a drop by its levels can rob an individual with their sensual desires.

Alcoholism and substance abuse: Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol or use of recreational drugs can play havoc together with the entire body as it suppress intercourse within the body and reduce libido.

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