Erectile Dysfunction Treatments- Which Should You Choose?

One of the most embarrassing problems that humans come across is erectile dysfunction, the inability to have an erection even when the male organ is being sensually stimulated by a partner. This disease is one of the reasons why romantic relationships fail – as it has a direct impact on the sensual communication. It is almost caused by stress, sensual miscommunication and lack of attention to personal health. Some people think that this illness is something very shameful, that even they cannot tell their doctors about it. Many men, who measure their character with their ability in bed, feel that having it lessens their manliness. Oral medications such as sildenafil tablets 100 mg from rsmenterprises can be used to cure this illness.

Erectile dysfunction causes and symptoms

  • One of the most common physical causes is reduced blood flow to the male organ.

  • Nerve damage is another major reason that can lead to this condition.

  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart, low male hormone level, and diabetes are some of the health-related causes.

  • There are also certain systemic and respiratory diseases that can lead to impotence.

  • Liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, scleroderma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are some of them which might cause the dysfunction.

  • Psychological and emotional reactions are other major causes that most men suffer from.

  • A pattern of anxiety and stress which may be associated to depression or age often remains the primary cause.

  • Certain feelings can develop in men which might interfere with the normal sensual function. Feeling of nervousness, self-consciousness, troubled relationship, etc. can also lead to this problem.

Treating Impotence Quickly and Easily

With the various causes, there are also a number of ways to cure the problem. One may choose to engage in lifestyle change to lessen the factors that lead to this illness while some choose to take medications that can be taken orally.

New treatments for erectile dysfunction such as sildenafil tablets 100 mg from rsmenterprises are suddenly like rays of hope to many men who suffer from impotence. This oral treatment increases the blood flow to the male organ and hence helps in curing the deadly disease.