Ensuring Sensual health Performance in Men – Sildenafil 100

The first thing one has got to understand is that the process of male arousal. It is a really complex process that involves the brain, hormones and emotions. It also involves nerves, muscles and blood vessels. If there is something wrong with any of those systems, erectile dysfunction can occur.

The penile comprises of two cylindrical structures made from a kind of spongy tissue. When a person is aroused sensually, the brain sends an impulse to cause blood to flow into these spongy muscles which expands them, repeatedly its size. This influx of blood into the penile is what causes the male genital organ to stiffen during an erection.

If the sensual stimulation is sustained, the blood is retained within the penile, which keeps it firm. After ejaculation, or if the sensual excitement passes, the additional blood drains out of the penile and it returns to its non-erect size and shape.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

The element that causes it is often debated on and at some point doctors thought that it had been caused only by psychological factors. But this is often not always the case. While stress and self-esteem are two of the foremost common reasons for it, the most factors that cause ED can be a lack of attention to individual health. People that are in poor health or are often on medication have higher chances at experiencing ED. One quite common physical problem that causes ED is excessive weight or obesity.

There also are other diseases that cause ED. For instance, heart condition or clogged blood vessels or atherosclerosis causes ED because it prevents healthy blood circulation which is important for erection. Diabetes, high vital sign and thyroid problems also contribute to the disorder.

Another problem that causes ED is pelvic surgery. This might hinder the flow of blood, or maybe sever nerve cells and inhibit erection. Men also catch on if they sustain spinal cord injuries that affect the body from the waist down. In cases like these, the ED cannot be treated anymore, and can cause permanent erection problems, or non-erection, counting on how grave the spinal injury is.

Tobacco usage, which affects hormone and sperm production, also can cause ED. Some prescription medicines affect the power of a person to sustain erections, especially medications that are used for treatment of high blood pressure. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can also cause ED.

The brain also features a key role within the process that permits erection, which begins with arousal or excitement. Emotional problems like depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue or sensual miscommunication can cause or worsen erection problems. In many cases, the physical predisposition and therefore the psychological pressure is that the reason why ED occurs.

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