ED – Fear of Millions of Men around the World

When things go away within the bedroom for a person, the matter is usually attributed to the physical health of the penile. While it is true that conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, heart health or other problems with the plumbing can contribute to a worthy performance between the sheets, there can also be psychological factors at play. Psychological factors account for about half of all cases of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, some problems that originate as a one-time physical issue can actually become a recurring psychological problem. Maintaining proper penile health and learning to not sweat the tiny stuff may help keep self-confidence within the bedroom high and erections firm.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety may be a psychological issue that a lot of men will suffer from on occasion. However, it becomes a drag when an awesome sense of hysteria is related to doing the deed, thus reducing both performance and pleasure. Some men are so concerned about making their partner see fireworks that they essentially psych themselves out, which may be a sure-fire way for the evening to become a disappointing issue.

Small Penile Syndrome

Many guys have wondered how they qualify within the manhood department, and while for many it is going to just be an easy question of curiosity, for others it can combat a completely new state of mind, even to the purpose of obsession. It can be a state of mind during which men who have a physically adequate size penile are convinced that their penile is just too small and reach a state of depression and shame regarding their member. They become hooked in to the thought that they cannot please their partner sensually and should even be scared of being nude with another person. Men with this syndrome often hunt down unnecessary medical consultations, and should even elect to possess penile-lengthening surgery.

Other Psychological factors

Several other psychological factors can negatively affect a man's sensual health and performance. Depression, excessive stress, guilt, shame, low self-esteem and loss of interest can all contribute to ED. Feeling bad about one's skills within the bedroom and even the looks of one's love-stick also can cause to low self-esteem and reduce one's level of confidence.

Maintaining Sensual Health

Just as ED from physical causes is often treated, so can ED stemming from psychological stressors. For persistent cases of depression, anxiety or syndrome, psychotherapy conducted by a trained counselor has been shown to be effective in treating ED with a psychological etiology.

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