An Alternate Significant Deal to Resolve Sensual Potency in Men

Erectile dysfunction or ED is the persistent inability to sustain an erection of sufficient rigidity and duration, to realize satisfactory penetration during sensual activity. The incidence of ED increases with age, with up to less than half of men with 65-year-old age men experiencing ED on a long-term basis. With increased awareness of this condition, and with better medical aid and increased anticipation, the standard of an erection and sensual function has become a crucial component of healthy ageing. ED is, however, not an unavoidable consequence of ageing and will not be considered normal at any age.

What causes ED?

  • For an erection to occur, 3 things must be present:
  • Nerves to the penile must be functioning properly
  • Blood circulation to the penile must be adequate
  • There must be a stimulus from the brain

Anything which causes an interruption to any of those factors can potentially cause ED. This can include psychological causes, physical causes, or a mixture of both.

Conditions that commonly cause ED to include:

Diabetes: It causes nerve and artery damage over time, potentially resulting in ED. More than half of men with diabetes experience ED.

Vascular disease: Like hardening of the arteries, reduce blood flow to the penile, within the case of ED. Hypertension and high cholesterol levels both contribute to the event of atherosclerosis.

Neurological diseases: An intact neurological system is important for achieving a normal erection. Thus, conditions like strokes, spinal injuries, paralytic issue, Alzheimer's disease etc. can all end in ED.

Kidney disease: It can affect hormones, circulation and nerve function. These changes, alongside the fatigue associated renal disorder, may reduce libido also contribute to ED.

Prostate cancer treatment: Surgery, radiation and hormonal treatments can cause ED.

Injury: Injuries to the penile, bladder, pelvis, spinal or brain can cause ED.

Hormonal Imbalances: Hormones, prolactin and testosterone imbalances can reduce libido, thus affecting sensual functioning.

Smoking, alcohol and drug use: These substances end in reduced blood flow to the penile, thus causing ED.

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