A Healthy Lifestyle for Sensual Ability Satisfaction - ED

Erectile dysfunction is a male sensual problem, which is defined as the loss of a man's ability to attain stiff and sustained erection of his penile while indulging in sensual intercourse. The individuals with ED experience limp penile which cannot erect firmly and regularly. In sensual health disorder, the male reproductive organ loses its ability to remain erect and drops down before it makes its way into the lovemaking session. This is often a frequently observed problem in men and it is proven that one out of each ten men develop ED once in their lifetime.

Sensual dysfunction takes a toll on the lives and relationships of its victims. It brings down the curtain of separation between an individual and their partner. Losing erection within the middle of sensual activity leaves both the individual and the partner dissatisfied and disappointed.

Though ED can be a normal and natural outcome of aging. It is going to result from physical and psychological factors in younger men too. A number of the factors which will subjugate one to ED are:

Physical causes:

  • Vascular disease or arterial insufficiency like blockage of arteries
  • Diabetes (men suffer from ED in 50% of diabetes cases)
  • High blood pressure 
  • Pelvic surgery for carcinoma 
  • Prostate surgery 
  • MS 
  • Reduced blood flow to the male organ
  • Spinal injury
  • Hormonal imbalance like low level of testosterone
  • Cerebral disorder
  • Damage to the genital area


Psychological causes:

  • Emotional disorders like anxiety, stress and depression
  • Mental conflict and distress
  • Lack of confidence to form fulfilling intercourse
  • Irrational apprehension of failure in lovemaking session
  • Indifference to sensual intercourse

Other causes:

  • Long-term intake of prescription medications like antidepressant and sedative drugs
  • Long-term resistance from intercourse resulting in disinterest 
  • Busy schedule including the hours that are ripe of getting loved
  • Poor communication of feeling and desire for sensual intercourse
  • Unhappy marriage and lack of religion in the partner
  • Immoderate smoking 
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks

Prolonged hours of bicycling

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