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Vega 100 (Sildenafil 100mg)

Vega 100 is a powerful and effective medicine that helps enhance Erectile Dysfunction in men. It contains an active component of Sildenafil 100mg in it. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for Signature. The persistent inability to attain or sustain an erection during a lovemaking session causes ED. It is a chronic condition that majorly occurs in an elderly aged individual. The medicine helps promote mild to moderate health issues. 

Some facts about Sildenafil 100mg

The medicine is effective in enhancing sensual ability, hormonal balance as well as arousal problems. It works best to promote blood flow in the penile region by enhancing sensual ability in men as well as relaxing blood vessels. The active component of the medicine works to improve physical as well as psychological health issues in men that might lead to ED issues.

How to take the medicine?

The dose and dosage of the medicine is recommended by the doctor. Consume a single dosage once in a day with a glass full of water or low fat meal. Try not to break, crush or split the dosage. Consuming the medicine in an inadequate form might cause adverse health effects. Do not skip or miss the dosage as to attain effective results. Consuming the medicine an hour before sensual activity helps enhance sensual functioning.

Who should not take the medine 

Seek medical attention if suffering from health issues such as heart ailments, kidney problem, uncontrolled hypertension, liver issue, diabetes or any other health issues. A person sensitive to the active component needs to avoid the dosage. Men taking local medications to treat ED needs to avoid use of medicine.

Cautions before taking the medicine

Do not consume the medicine with nitrates. The medicine is a prescription medicine and requires medical attention before use. Avoid double doses of the medicine or overdose of the medicine. Prevent use of excessive alcohol as well as tobacco consumption. Do not overdose the medication to avoid health issues. 

Some side effects of Sildenafil 100mg

The side effects of the medicine vary from person to person. Try not to consume the medicine in inadequate form as it might cause headache, dizziness, nausea, facial flushing, abdominal pain. These health effects occur due to an overdose of the medicine.